This picture is worth a million words! But I will not keep you all that long! This picture was taken the day that we leased a Hyundai Santa Fe to get a vehicle that could handle all 8 of us (which it actually could not)! We almost went way above our budget and got a very luxurious Land Rover. That would have been a major mistake seeing that the kids love to write all over the car as well as dump trash on the floor of every car. Regardless, it was a major upgrade coming from one vehicle that was on its last leg!

See, I was fresh from being in South America without a return plan. I sold my car prior to leaving the U.S. so that I would have extra money. I did not see myself being back this soon but life never stays the course. Jeniece had a green 2002 Honda Accord that she was so graciously given in her divorce settlement. Yes, she had a very small vehicle to transport 6 people! I do not know how she did it.  We were engaged within 5 months of reconnecting and married in 6! We created this blended family without hesitation! Of course, a lot of family looked at us as if we were crazy or just simply disagreed. Their feelings did not matter to us either way. As they say, when you know you know.

Well it is obvious that we did not think things through, but we were so in love that it didn’t matter, and we managed to make the best out of everything! By the way, we are still MADLY in love. This SUV made things a lot easier. Who knew what was actually in store for us? We have driven as far as New Orleans and everywhere in between, literally. We have realized that we are a traveling family that just wants to see the World. I have seen a lot of it already, but it feels so much different and so much more special this time around.

We want to make sure we share all of these experiences with other families and show you all the possibilities. We make no excuses and we believe we can encourage others to LIVE! Things can be so much more fun and simpler when you just believe and go for what you want. If you have a vision and see the light, it is possible. Coming from our humble beginnings, IF WE CAN DO IT ANYONE CAN!