We Are
Jeniece & Thomas.

Our relationship is a testament to the fact that things work out exactly as they were intended to.  Even though our pasts have been difficult, we’ve managed to find each other again after more than twenty years.  We met at 21st Century summer camp, then went our separate ways and led our own lives; in 2019 we reconnected, each with our own kids, exes, and baggage.  Life has a funny way of helping you exactly when you need it – together we discovered our spirituality, let go of the past, and have been blending two beautiful families together.

Our family is large, abounding with joy, bursting with love, and soaked with perseverance!  We are Jeniece & Thomas Dortch; the eight kids make TEN, and we would all have it no other way.

Our Mission

“Above all else, know that you’re not alone. Blending two families without sacrificing in any area is nearly impossible, but we must never forget to prioritize the love, affection, and support that every family needs.  We are here for you.”

Meet the Crew

Defined By Love, Not Blood